Monegal hails from Spain’s most important independent perfume house — thus one of the most renowned in the world. The family have been creating fragrances for over a century; Ramón is a fourth-generation perfumer. His work represents the apex of our art.

Unlike mass-marketed fragrance makers, Ramón Monegal works without limits. Free to choose from the rarest ingredients, key notes like osmanthus, helional and cashmeran mark out Soul Oud, Ocean Oud and Oud on Fire. He’s undoubtedly one of perfume’s true poets. 

Ramón Monegal has been creating fragrances since 1979

He is the author of a novel, La Perfumista

His bottle design is based on an inkwell



Kiss My Name


Next To Me


Perfume precedes presence and lingers on in its absence.

Ramón Monegal


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