Mizensir is a family business, created by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas and his wife, Claudine. It is rooted in traditional perfumery, using only the finest ingredients.

Many scents tell a personal story. Alma de Rosario is a memory of childhood in Andalucía. Little Bianca is an ode to a granddaughter. Elixir de Musc is a dream of siesta. Coeur de Cologne works like white in a palette: combined with Cologne de Maté or Cologne de Figuier and the skin of its wearer, the result is intensely unique.

Mizensir is a rare example today of a scent range both prepared and described by its owner, a Master Perfumer

Alberto Morillas is one of the world’s greatest noses. He created CK One for Calvin Klein; Flower for Kenzo; and Georgio Armani’s Aqua di Giò for women

In 2003 he received the François-Coty award for Best International Perfumer


Musc Eternal

Perfect Oud

Scents don’t lie. They talk to your heart in the language of truth.

Alberto Morillas


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