Modern. Unexpected. Original. Three words that describe Francis Kurkdjian.

In 1985, age 15, he decided to be a perfumer. He had no perfume heritage. At 20 he enrolled at ISIPCA, Versailles. On qualifying, a chance conversation with the CEO of Jean Paul Gaultier led to an invitation to show what he could do. Three weeks later, he’d created “Le Mâle” — still a groundbreaking (and bestselling) perfume.

Since then he’s created some of the world’s most loved fragrances. In 2009 with Marc Chaya he founded his own Paris maison, with a remit to reinvent fine perfumery.

Francis Kurkdjian uses the rarest and most exceptional raw ingredients, including Laos oud

In 2008 he was voted nose of the year

He recreated Marie Antoinette’s scent for the Palace of Versailles



Baccarat Rouge 540

À la rose


Each scent tells a story, I am a perfumer, I am a story teller.

Francis Kurkdjian


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