Caron is one of France’s most revered perfume houses, launched in Paris in 1904.

Its founder, Ernest Daltroff, fell in love with a colleague, Félicie. She was the muse for his fabulous scents. Together, they created some of the world’s most luxurious and spellbinding fragrances.

Caron is a true Haute Perfumerie. Today, Richard Fraysse and son William enjoy complete creative freedom, with no budget or marketing constraints. This allows them to favour rare natural essences such as jasmine and absolut of rose.

“Tabac Blond” dates to 1919, and was inspired by the free-spirited women of Paris who dared wear trousers and flaunt long-holdered cigarettes

Creating “Rose” required nearly 30 different natural essences

Richard Fraysse orchestrated “Secret Oud” at the request of an Emirati prince seeking an unforgettable gift for his wedding guests


Fleur De Rocaille


Perfume is the ultimate luxury.
It is also an expression of oneself, an enhancement of the personality which gives assurance, elegance and individuality.
Perfume helps us to explore our dreams, memories, emotions, and travel within our imagination.
It opens up a whole universe which reveals new worlds of desires and adventures.

Ernest Daltroff


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