MiN Launches Exclusively in Harrods

Orange Square launches MiN exclusively in Harrods.

‘My philosophy is simple – the world doesn’t need more products, it needs better products. My passion is creating the best possible objects for discerning individuals around the world.’ CEO & FOUNDER, CHAD MURAWCZYK

MiN NEW YORK celebrates olfactory art with SCENT STORIES. These are hand crafted visceral moments of limited production. Only the finest raw materials are carefully blended by master perfumers in Grasse, France.

Encapsulating the New York Minute the brand features a total of 17 fragrances split across 3 Scent Stories:


Vol.1 Designed to evoke memories based on a time & place.
Vol.2 Designed to evoke the senses.
Vol.3 A creative process, brimming with exciting new ideas yet to come


The brand is available exclusively to Harrods and the collection has been on counter since the end of August.
Voodoo, the brand’s latest launch, a potent infusion of depth and intensity built around notes traditionally found in Bukhoor (oud, sandalwood, rose, and patchouli) has been a great success.



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