Before Orange Square came Les Senteurs: Betty and Michael Hawksley’s revolutionary idea of a boutique uniquely dedicated to the finest of quality luxury fragrances.

More than three decades on, Les Senteurs has changed the face of British Retail Perfumery and become an institution in the fragrance industry.

The concept remains the same: a family owned store curating the very best fine fragrances and scented goods from around the world, combined with expert advice and exceptional service.

Legendary brands such as Byredo, Creed and Diptyque all chose to debut at Les Senteurs. More recently, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Mona di Orio, Heeley and Tauer Perfumes have chosen Les Senteurs for the same reasons.

Today the boutique, headquartered in Elizabeth Street, London, continues to thrive as an independent business, constantly evolving and developing its portfolio. Showcasing prestigious, classic and world-famous fragrances alongside new and exciting brands from the noses of the future, Les Senteurs continues to lead the way in niche perfumery.

Les Senteurs translates as “the scents”

Open since 1984, it is London’s oldest multi-brand independent perfumery

The unique Senteur System helps customers find their perfect perfume match



Nuda Veritas by Atelier Des Ors


Coccobello by Heeley

L’Air Du Desert Marocain by Tauer


A visit to Les Senteurs offers you the opportunity to discover the perfume you never knew you loved.

Michael Hawksley


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