Kurkdjian Fluent Training 2018

Orange Square fragrance expert Eva Carlo and her team led a series of workshops devoted to enriching our sales teams’ understanding of Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Events were held around the UK.


At the Kimpton Fitzroy hotel in London, we welcomed Aurore Dubois, Kurkdjian’s International Education Director. Aurore explained the ‘three C’s’ so pivotal to the Francis Kurkdjian brand: Creativity, Customer experience and Craftsmanship. Exploring “The Art of Wearing Perfume”, Aurore explained the Maison Francis Kurkdjian philosophy of Fragrance Infidelity — whereby a wardrobe of fragrances in a multitude of styles provide wearers with the perfect scent for every occasion.


Our teams said the training was invaluable, giving them fresh insight into the story and ethos of one of the world’s most celebrated luxury perfumers.

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