Creed x Launceston Place


 In December 2018 Creed collaborated with the award-winning Mayfair restaurant, Launceston Place. Together with Head Chef, Ben Murphy, Creed ran a limited-edition Creed-inspired menu. To complete the sensory dining experience, leading mixologist, Georgio Tosato aka ‘The Notorious Cocktail’, created four very special cocktails inspired by Creed’s most desirable fragrances, including the cult classic Aventus & Aventus for Her.



AVENTUS is a negroni-style mix of bergamot, vermouth, vanilla and jasmine essence, combined around applewood-tea-infused gin.


AVENTUS FOR HER enhances prosecco with rose liqueur, bergamot liqueur, apple juice and peach essence to deliciously fruity effect.


GREEN IRISH TWEED takes the essence of James Bond’s preferred scent to create a Moscow mule mix of vodka, ginger beer, peppermint and lemon verbena tea, lemon and angostura.


ROYAL PRINCESS OUD is a sweet and sour mix — shaken, not stirred — of bergamot liqueur, vanilla vodka, jasmine syrup and lemon.



To celebrate the Creed and Launceston Place collaboration, one lucky winner and their guest won a lunch and wine pairing for two at Launceston Place and a bespoke consultation at The Creed Boutique in Mayfair, along with a gift of their perfect signature scent.

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