Juliette has a Gun opens Cafe Juliette

10 years ago Romano Ricci launched Juliette has a Gun, his unique and alternative niche brand.

The world of Juliette has a Gun isn’t meant to please everyone. Elegant, modern, romantic, Romano Ricci imagines and reinterprets the Shakespearean heroine. Sometimes feminine, boyish or bossy, a charmer or emancipated, Juliette is above all Free. And free from everything. In this urban jungle she has one loyal ally: her Perfume, her weapon of seduction.

Present in 40 countries around the world through an exclusive and carefully selected distribution network, Juliette has a Gun has written a new chapter in its story. In June 2018, the brand officially opened its first boutique in the Marais, at 2 rue des Francs Bourgeois, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, near the Place des Vosges. A prestigious address where the entire Juliette has a Gun collection as well as exclusive creations are available.

“The idea of the ‘Café Juliette’ is to go beyond a simple perfumery and to offer a convivial space for women that’s dedicated to fragrance” explains Romano Ricci.

“They won’t hesitate to just pop in spontaneously, perfume themselves and freshen up, and enjoy a complementary glass of champagne, a cup of Mariage Frères tea or a Coutume Café coffee.”

The boutique features a multitude of intriguing details: restrooms transformed into a speakeasy and decorated with graphics that appear only under ultraviolet light; the presence of a bar and a waitress/salesgirl replacing the traditional perfume demonstrator; a collaboration with Hooop to share the experience on social networks in the form of animated GIFs. And not forgetting Paperscent, which this boutique is the first in Europe to have but won’t be the last.

A concept that finally resolves the problems of olfactive and olfaction pollution: you pull the strip and the perfume is triggered within. No need for any more testers or olfactive blotters.

Got a question? A highly personalised recommendation? Or you just want a word with the man behind Juliette? Dial 911 on the Red Phone for a direct line to the creator himself!
An experience that promises to be sensory, olfactive, gustatory, and viral… all at once!

A perfume, a coffee, and the bill please!

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