BlackRock Long Term Private Capital Invests In Creed

Following the news that BlackRock Long Term Private Capital have become majority shareholders in Creed, we at The Orange Square Company will continue to build on the strong distribution network Creed has in place with us, and look forward to working with BlackRock on the future development of this wonderful brand for many years to come.

“This announcement signifies an exciting future for the House of Creed globally both in terms of the investment in potential growth and in re-establishing its credentials within the luxury lifestyle industry, building upon its tailoring roots and heritage since 1760. Orange Square has partnered with the House of Creed in the UK and Eire for over 25 years, building the brand to the size it is today, we now look forward to the next chapter together with the potential Black Rock brings to the table.”

Chris Hawksley, Managing Director

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