Alto Rooftop Selfridges Exclusive Launch with Parle Moi


Hosted at the fabulous Alto by San Carlo on Selfridges rooftop, Parle Moi de Parfum reveal their newest creations amongst a select group of journalists and influencers, alongside Parle Moi de Parfum’s owner, Benjamin Almairac. The latest additions to the collection, ‘Gardens of India / 79’ and ‘Saffron Wood / 91’, bring the collection up to 13 fabulous fragrances, all exclusive to Selfridges.



‘Gardens of India / 79’ is a true tribute to India, a country so rich in raw materials. Michel Almairac defines the noblest and most beautiful materials that build the harmony of this new creation as Tuberose, Absolute Sambac Jasmine and ‘Album’ Sandalwood. Tuberose Absolute dominates the fragrance and provides character, whilst Absolute Sambac Jasmine rounds off the accord, adding fruity facets and al almost aqueous freshness, contrasting the very floral, heady side of Tuberose and making it the perfect all-season fragrance.

‘Album’ Sandalwood, a warm and creamy woody note par excellence with an almost milky facet, rounds off Tuberose once again resulting in a fresh, floral scent with an unctuous woody, slightly fruity and spicy base. 



Whilst ‘Saffron Wood / 91’ pays homage to Saffron, a fabulous ingredient so often mistaken for Oud but with its own unique and wonderfully aromatic character. Created exclusively for Selfridges.

Tired of this common misunderstanding, Michel Amairac applied his personal delicacy and skill to create a new take on a classic oriental accord, blending Saffron with Roses to give contrast and power to the fragrance’s heart.

This impressive overdose of Saffron is married with essential rose from Turkey, also used in Une Tonne de Roses / 8, and mellowed with a fraction of spicy Virginian Cedarwood, another Parle Moi de Parfum favourite, found in Cedar Woodpecker / 10.

A celebration of one of perfumery’s most expensive raw materials, Saffron Wood / 91 is a precious addition to the Parle Moi de Parfum collection.

Now available at Selfridges


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